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5 ways to create better social media engagement

All businesses need to have an online presence in this digital world!  Without your business being listed online you might lose 50% of your potential audience! 

We often come across the term ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ and our first perception is that social media is only a medium to connect with friends, and families, post pictures, and aesthetics, and randomly scroll through and share content. But Social media has much more to it than just sharing content with friends. It has the true potential to reach millions of people out there who want to buy the services and products you’re selling! When it comes to social media the major chunk of it is ‘Getting Engagement’. 

Social media engagement is now a crucial metric to be considered while measuring the performance of an online store, business, or brand. Most influencers or companies or social media managers run behind numbers but they often fail to understand that social media needs numbers as well as in-depth engagement because after all, it all boils down to the conversions and the sales that your social media platforms generate for your business! When you not only gather numbers but also engage with your followers on social media you can turn them from fans into one big family of customers. This needs time, patience, and efforts devoted to building relationships with your audience that can lead to an increase in the number of sales, customer loyalty, and positive reviews of your business online! It’s a crazy cycle that keeps going on if you learn the right ways to optimize, run and use social media platforms and actively engage with your customers online. 

With Tech Bay Leaf we are sure here you’ll learn the importance and five ways of increasing your social media engagement online!

Why is social media important?

Social media is not only made for posting pictures but the engagement that you perform with your customers helps you strengthen the relationships with them. When customers engage with your brand on social media through comments or through Direct Messages, it’s important to create a relationship with them as it’s an opportunity to reach your potential audience. Always answer the questions politely and respond playfully wherever it is appropriate and go beyond to offer excellent customer service.

Social media engagement is also a way to build the base for customer loyalty! Helping your customers when they are in need, or providing them with the exact customization of their product will help you build a relationship with them for years! This increases the trust and love that the customer possesses for your brand. 

Social media engagement also helps increase your amount of sales in a phenomenal way! Being active on social media, respectfully responding to all the comments and queries by your audience, and making the customers feel confident about the purchase from your store with less of negative comments and reviews available on other pages helps you grow your sales in no time! Avoid making every response about products and prices but you can always suggest a recommend your products when asked! Don’t worry! The sales will come naturally!

Here are 5 ways, that you can practice and create a better social media engagement strategy online :

  1. Never forget! Content is king!

If you want to increase the social media engagement on your page you need to create content that people can engage with. In this whole world full of content inspirations around, make your posts and activities engaging enough for people to stop by and stare! It could be a poll vote on Twitter or on Instagram, a graphic that makes people laugh, or a product photo with eye-catching visuals and captivating copies! Try choosing content that drives an emotional response from your consumers. 

  1. Respond to all comments

If you are a business or a brand that is online, people and their innumerable questions are inevitable! To increase your social media engagement you need to be social and respond to all these positive and negative messages from customers with sheer patience and politeness. This practice helps to strengthen the bond with the customer online but while practicing this do not forget to tweak your responses accordingly and make them more casual, fun, and interactive as canned responses do not go a long way. It makes the customer lose touch with your brand and makes it feel monotonous to talk or chat or engage with your brand. 

  1. Start a Facebook group

To increase your social media engagement Facebook has become a great solution for businesses trying to reach their audience online! These groups help you to increase your social media engagement in a great way!  Groups are generally more social than pages online because members of these groups a free to post their questions at any time. If the brand or a business is at a small scale level Facebook group is the best option as it can help you to grow your social media engagement, know people in your niche and expand your online customer base. 

  1. Run contests and giveaways! 

When it comes to garnering an audience easily on social media and making them engage with your content – The Freebies are a big YES! This is an easy way to increase your social media engagement. You can ask people to take certain actions or visit your landing pages or refer your brand to another set of people and friends to multiply the number of audience and visitors on your page, and once the customer completes all the criteria listed by you, you have to reward the winner with freebies and prizes! This step increases the chances of your brand or business being referred to different people creating a ripple effect that in turn positively affects your sales and growing engagement! 

  1. Optimize your headlines now! 

Nowadays statistical reports and online articles state that the audience’s attention span has reduced to 3 to 5 seconds maximum per post that appears on their feed. For the same reason if the headline or the caption does hook your audience with its first two to three words at the beginning of the post, they might just scroll to the next and you certainly will lose the potential customer. For example: if it’s a giveaway post, you can write  – ‘GIVEAWAY or EARN YOUR FREEBIES NOW’. Such types of headlines are honest and compelling at the same time!
So what steps have you taken for your brand to increase your social media presence and engagement online?

Let us know in the comments below and we at Tech Bay Leaf would like to help you level up your game with numbers, organic growth, sales, and social media engagement!

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