To create is to actually execute. From a blue print to preparing final print ready files. Most importantly, branding is based on consistency.

A brand is the collective impact or lasting impression from all that is seen, heard, or experienced by customers who come into contact with a company and/or its products and services. As an agency creating a brand, or “branding,” one has to manage the effect that your product or service is having on the customer.

If the message or articulation is uniform then the brand is registered faster, if not the brand is diluted. The agency should endeavour to maintain a unified brand presence.

Many clients expect agencies to experiment with designs which is not advisable and it is up to the agency to educate a client about certain best practices in branding. It is said that ‘Only when the internal stakeholders experience fatigue on the brand do the customers start registering it’. In short, staying consistent and not deterring is essential.

To cite a case study – Bay Leaf partnered with Ecotique to develop collaterals for outreach program. Being a personal care skin care line of products, the packaging from selection of the bottles and jars, primary and secondary packaging had to be unique and attractive to an end consumer. Subtlety had to be exercised using muted hues and delicate fonts. Stylization was imperative considering you were competing with brands like Forest Essentials and Kama to name a few. All efforts in creating a quality brand was appreciated and the result was impact created both on offline and online channels. It was measured by metrics like demand for the brand and rise in sales from 4th month itself.

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