To curate is to sort, sift through, sharpen and manage. This process begins once the branding thought process is clear. Converting thoughts into action entails a whole lot of organizing. From budget allocation, defining calendars, creating templates to briefing design and copy teams to work cohesively to ensure a unified output.

Brand building is being persistent in your efforts to create a brand footprint. To do this one has to activate all engines that drive the activities both offline and online.

Initially we get clarity internally by defining a roadmap. This phase is the best! It’s like creating a blue print on an empty sheet. You are empowered to be the architect of a brand. As an agency you get to experiment with creativity on types of articulation, design thinking, tone of voice etc  Once the team is on the same page you share your vision with the client for approvals on budgets, concepts and design language.

To cite a case study, Bay Leaf partnered with Cygnus Hospitals, which grew from a single super specialty hospital in Delhi to 11 tertiary care hospitals in the 3 states of NCR, Haryana and Punjab. As the stage was nascent and the vision was expressed to us very clearly, we started on an empty slate.

Hospitals are used only in emergencies and are considered to be a negative need. Keeping these sensibilities in mind and also considering the nature of business – its existence in all the tier of cities 1,2 and 3, our job was extremely challenging. From defining the brand identity, guidelines, visual merchandise in each hospital, uniforms of staff, signage, patient communication to collateral execution, we were responsible for complete outreach program.

This resulted in a standardize look and feel with each property. The hospital’s online strategy was to attract patients, which we achieved in numbers, month on month and the value of the brand grew by manifolds. This was measured by investors’ interest in funding it further.

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