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This blog is only for those who understand the basics of Facebook Advertising.

Social Media is arguably one of the most powerful tools to expand your business horizons. The pioneering platform in these activities is undoubtedly, Facebook Advertising.

As you may know, Facebook Advertising provides extremely cost-effective tangible results if done correctly. There are multiple strategies that you could adopt depending on how well-established your brand is on the digital front. However, if you are starting out new having just rolled out a facebook page and you have monthly budgets nearing Rs. 10000, here’s a strategy that could be beneficial for you:


Facebook has three main stages of objectives.

  1. Awareness – Brand Awareness, Reach
    2. Consideration – Engagement, Video views, Leaf Generation, Traffic, Messages
    3. Conversion – Conversions (Purchases, Sign Ups, Add to Cart), Catalogue Sales, Store Traffic


The funnel opens at a wider objective stage of Awareness. While creating an audience at this stage, you must consider leaving it as broad as possible. Only enter parameters that truly are your brand’s personas. For eg – If you are a ladies’ purse brand, do not target men.

Choose the objective as reach so Facebook will optimize your ad for more reach. This step entails recognizing your wider potential target of customers so you should allocate at least 1/5th of your budget to this step.

This is also when ads, in whatever form, are being rolled out as a first introduction of your brand, so keep your content concise and precise invoking interest so that they would click on your page to know more.

Consideration –

Having reached out to a set of people who the ad has reached out to, now is the time to filter those who are actually interested.Create Custom Audience of those who have responded to your previous ad. Narrow your audience using modifiers like age, interests& behaviour.

Choose the objective of engagement if you have created a post that requires the audience to like, comment, share. Set it to Video Views if you have created a video ad that should be watched for more than half the duration. Choose the objective of Traffic if your ad’s purpose is to redirect people to your website OR set it to Lead generation if you wish to gather details & responses of your audience.

Remember to keep your ads engaging for this one as you want your audience to respond in some way or form. Allocate a little more budget than what you did for Reach. The respondents of this ad will form the basis of your brand’s success in the future. You will have to create another custom audience of the people who responded to this ad for the next step. Also, create 2% Lookalikes and keep for future timelines once this process is over.

Conversion –

The sifting part of the funnel is now over, this is the time to churn out the sales from your cream customers. Use the custom audience created from the engagement ad for this purpose. Make sure your copy and creatives are both enticing highlighting your services/products. List a discount or offer on your website if possible upon registration.

For this and the previous step (if you are using traffic) ensure that the Facebook Pixel is installed on your website backend. Allocate the remaining budget of your campaign.

Other notes:

– Spread out this campaign over at least 2.5 weeks to see value for money.

– If you are selling through a website, using Reach à Traffic à Conversions is ideal.

– If your end goal is to generate leads, we suggest generating leads through the facebook itself. Use the route of Reach à Engagement/Video views (who have seen more than 60% of the video)à Lead Generation.

This is a general strategy suited for most brands. With practical experience, you will easily be able to identify the best suited funnel for your brand. In case of doubt, do use what we have recommended.

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