Important aspects to look out for while designing!

Visual appeal plays a significant role in connecting the audience to your brand and its sales. You should be looking to establish a strong brand identity through social media, so make sure that all your creative graphic designs are visually cohesive across platforms. Keep the overall look and feel of each design and ad creatives consistent. The brain processes images a lot faster than it processes creative & content, and image-based content (photos with a human touch) is proven to be more impactful. Here are a few points to look out for while designing;

1. Your images are blurry; when the images you upload are pixelated or blurry it is not appealing to the eye. You will lose the interest of your audience even when you upload quality content if that’s the case. Hence, you should upload large and high-resolution images than images that are small and not clear.

2. Your fonts are hard to read; in today’s age, everyone is scrolling through their social media platforms in a haste and that only stops when they find something worth reading or catchy. When your consumers are browsing quickly, they expect the typography to be clear and easily legible. One has limited time to convey the message across, so make it count!

3. You are choosing inappropriate colours; every colour evokes a particular emotion when your audience sees it. For instance, red is passionate/aggressive, orange is playful/energetic, green is natural/prosperous, etc. It’s important to remember that the colours you choose on social media influence the style of your business. Use colours that evoke the right feeling and are consistent with your brand persona.

4. You are limiting your viewing options; remember, your post/update might not be a one-size fit – that will work on all social media platforms. Hence, the style of content should be adjusted and adapted. Every post should be created keeping in mind the correct format for the various platforms.

5. You are using stock photos; make sure to include eye-catching images with a personality that matches your brand guidelines. Sometimes stock photos can be too obvious if they are unrelatable to your brand and the audience will know it is not the actual product or service you provide.

6. Make sure that your designs abide by each platform’s regulations; most of these guidelines forbid the use of obscene or threatening images, celebrities, nudity, profanity, and copyrighted images on all platforms. Each site enforces these rules differently, but if your design violates them, you risk your client’s company account being suspended or terminated.

Social media pages that have appealing content and visuals are much more likely to be shared and increase engagement. So definitely exercise creative freedom in your designs, while making sure that your visuals are consistent with client company branding and are showcasing their products.

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