Social Media Post Scheduling

Is your Engagement going to be affected by scheduling your posts for Social Media Platforms?

We all use scheduling tools for our social media platforms. But can it cause low engagement and reach?

The short answer is: no. In fact, consistency is more likely to increase your audience engagement and reach — which is the primary service offered by third-party scheduling tools. However, this myth persists for several reasons.

Way back in 2011 Meta confirmed that their algorithm at the time was favouring content that was posted natively. However, it’s important to keep in mind that since then Facebook has undergone several updates in the last few years, along with all of our other favourite social networks. Nowadays algorithms are more based on the content your audience consumes and completely unbiased towards content posted from a third-party source.

Organic reach is the number of eyes on your content without you paying to reach a specific target audience. Unlike sponsored ads, organic posts aren’t targeted to specific audiences, so they rely on the social media network’s algorithm.

High-quality and engaging content will perform well on social platforms, whether posted via an app or natively through a platform. What impacts engagement is aspects like poor quality content or a lack of interaction with your audience. Once your post is scheduled, there’s still a long way to go. You can’t just leave a post and expect it to perform by itself. You should check in regularly to see the responses, comments and shares. If you don’t, your reach will nosedive as fewer of your posts appear to your followers and, in turn, your potential target audience.

Scheduling doesn’t preclude you from being proactive with your content. If you schedule your posts, you need to remove time for when you can be present and active on your page to engage and respond to your followers. If you engage frequently and still see low reach, consider experimenting with a different strategy and content formats, and trying out new platforms.

Planning your content in advance can help your channels to be so much more consistent in their results, and allow you to be more strategic by posting at peak times of traffic for your brand. Creating and scheduling your social media content in advance can even lead to better quality content. Therefore having a social media marketing plan in place gets you more organised.

Social media can be intimidating for those who aren’t too savvy with it. While your long terms goals might be pretty ambitious, you don’t need to go straight from beginner to professional; start slow, learn the tools, and gradually work out which content speaks to your target audience. It’s all about putting the right social media plan in place and finding the type of content that relates to your consumers.

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