Managing Ad Operations in E-commerce

In the age of digital, it is becoming increasingly important to address audiences with contextual information that is relevant to them. Different creatives appeal to different audience segments. Within a country, there would be different tastes and preferences. Some might have a refined taste in design while others might be hyper price-sensitive buyers. With the widespread growth of e-commerce, the relevant proposition, if served over digital advertisements on the right platform, can help swing their purchase decisions. Managing context helps a marketer stay on top of the conversation. Insights from data can not only help understand customers better, but it can also help in managing ads operations in a much more efficient way. 

In the case of fashion, every individual would have specific preferences in terms of communication and user experience. A digital advertising agency can garner cues from a variety of actions taken by the user on the website, or through personality parameters that are derived from social media profiling. A particular facebook ad might work when served to someone who gets a chauffeur-driven ride every morning to work and has been browsing the category a day earlier. Someone who has been checking a particular type of apparel is more likely to purchase a product if they are reached out to within hours of their last session. Ecommerce specific Events such as Abandoned Cart, are known to be great opportunities to reach out with a relevant proposition and get a conversion. Modern programmatic advertising helps in automating creative development to develop personalized proposals. Several hypotheses can be evaluated based on information coming through multiple data sources to get the right insight on what would work for which persona groups. 

When developing an ad operations strategy, it helps to consider the following elements before a proposition is presented to the user :

  • Define your personas using traits that are exhibited by them 
  • Craft a compelling message that communicates the proposition so beautifully, that they want it right now! Some prefer soft and subtle messaging while others might prefer
  • Determine where, and when, should deliver the message, especially in the age of digital. Right timing is essential to get the desired results.
  • Measure religiously to find trends and insights that can improve performance or operations. 

Technology allows us to catch cues from several active personas as they engage with brands, be it online, mobile, or on social media or in a controlled, offline environment. It can even pinpoint what works for you and what does not, be it physical, digital, or omnichannel experiences. Businesses have realized that there is a goldmine of data available in the age of digital. The right technology-powered infrastructure can help extract better RoI from every marketing dollar with disciplined ad operations and smart insights!

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