Reasons why India is preferred choice for marketers to outsource their remote operations

Consider remote digital services to stay ahead of the curve

The emphasis is bound to shift towards ROI rather than the flat-planting approach. Budgets in digital marketing are definitely going to focus on conversions and lead generation rather then the spray and pray strategy. With high pressure on performance and rigourous digital marketing operations, companies are met with the problem of being unable to efficiently optimize their resources. The question remains – do you want to grow with agility or adopt the same inertia-prone structures that your incumbent competitors are burdened with? The smart choice is obviously the former.

To build modular teams augmented by industry experts, with scalable support structures aided by intelligent technology. A consistent focus on driving high performance marketing efforts with efficiency will define the 2020’s. COVID – 19 has also accelerated the shift to remote work, which had already begun to take shape at large. Organisations should see this forced recalibration as an opportunity to explore international talent pools for expert resources at competitive rates.

India has evolved as one of the most-sought-after offshore destinations. As per surveys, 80% of European and US outsourcing firms have ranked India as their most-preferred outsourcing centre. India truly deserves this appreciation from around the globe due to numerous favorable factors that are being mentioned below:

  • Customization and Prioritization – Outsourcing firms in India, offer excellent management of projects as they possess specially trained teams to deliver high-calibre management skills at a much lower price as compared to the in-house hires Indian Digital Marketers are well known for their ability to add value by customizing their offerings as per the requirements of the client. Especially if you outsource your ops heavy digital marketing – paid promotions activities, you can expect a result-driven approach to assure that maximum satisfaction is delivered. The culture that sets India apart, is a strong sense of community and the ability to build trust. By outsourcing your work to an Indian agency, you will be able to have dedicated service provider that keeps up with the trends on your behalf and creates a more diverse set of strategies to work with.
  • Cost Effective – The most obvious reason to outsource digital services to India is price flexibility. As a country with one of the largest populations in the world, India is constantly producing millions of skilled graduates every year. This year alone it is expected to offer over 200,000 jobs in digial media . Furthermore, it adds to the investing company’s ROI as they do not need to maintain an in-house team of professionals.
  • Communication Expertise – Despite being considered a developing country, India is the 2nd largest English-speaking country in the world only second to the United States. Language proficiency and cultural association is of utmost importance in digital communication, which works in the favour of the customer.
  • Consistently Efficient – India has emerged as a leading outsourcing hub in the last few years and that has been based on quite a few parameters. One of those reasons is a diligent workforce that are being led by experienced account managers who ensure that the work delivered is of the utmost quality with major attention to detail orientation and error free output. Not only this, most companies in India manage their working hours in a manner that is suitable to their clients so that despite being in different time zones, the employees share the same working hours as their clients. This leads to a system where the team can have a conversation in real time about the work being done instead of waiting on delayed responses that lead to miscommunication or the ultimate delay of the project. The Indian work philosophy also relies on an open communication philosophy where clients can maintain a close professional relationship with their digital marketing team that helps avoid crisis’ and enables a process of finding innovative solutions to problems.

The onset of the pandemic might have proven to have its challenges but the industry has shown how quickly it can adapt and evolve during this new normal. Remote is no longer distant and this facilitates the view of employing outsourced digital services as an extension of your marketing. The digital economy continues to thrive and it is in your best interest to play your part in it’s flourishment.

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