Reimagining Marketing After the Pandemic

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year like no other and that the coming years will certainly not revert to the old normal. 2021 has become more digitalised now than ever as everyone had to figure an alternate way out for business growth planning when the world was at a standstill. Here are a few marketing principles we believe have changed;

1. Old truth: Marketing begins with knowing your customer.

New truth: Marketing begins with knowing your customer segment.

The Covid-19 crisis has reiterated what we already know: that brands must communicate in very regional and precise terms, targeting specific consumers based on their demographics and what is most relevant to them with regards to the growth strategy for business.

2. Old truth: You are competing with your competitors.

New truth: You compete with the last best experience your consumer had.

Customer expectations were already exceeded before Covid-19. Gen Z grew up with technology flawlessly integrated into their lives. B2C firms were already preparing us to expect a level of hyper-customisation since they were particularly adept with our data.

3. Old truth: Consumers hope you have what they want.

New truth: Consumers expect you to have exactly what they want.

If the bar just keeps rising, we strive for new values around customer experiences — in both a B2C and B2B market. Consumers today expect that any experience will be seamless, relevant, connected, and anticipatory. In other words, they are concerned only with receiving what they want, when they want it without any great difficulty. Creating these experiences requires companies to place data and technology at the crux of their organization.

4. Old truth: Relationships matter.

New truth: Relationships are everything.

It is crucial to building relationships with customers based on trust. Advertising, for instance, makes a brand promise, and it then falls to the product/service, and customer experience to deliver well on that promise.

Depending on your product/service and industry, these few growth marketing tips keep getting altered. With COVID-19 changing multiple guidelines and the way things operate, the remarketing ways also keep changing every season. Consumers are being more responsible and woke with their involvement or opinions in any matter. Hence, every brand needs to be very particular with what they choose to communicate and how they do it!

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