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If we were in 2015, as an agency, we would overwhelmingly sell snapchat marketing to you. Over the years, Snapchat has been rolling out its business features in a way that has made the platform more relevant to business houses from the entertainment, sports and apparel industries to say the least.

A highly arguable point would be, “Do people even use snapchat anymore?” Here’s a stat for you:
As of January 2020, 101.25 million people in the USA & 22.95 million people in India use snapchat on a daily basis. This, right here, is a staggering market for a low cost marketing option like Snapchat’s On Demand Geofilters that is ideal for in-person marketing.

If you’re a large retail brand, Snap Ads provide you with highly tangible results. Sure, they can be easily skipped or swiped away, yet the impact of their placements cannot be ignored.

Snapchat is the embodiment of Visual Storytelling. Using the discover channel option, a media house can roll out content on a daily basis to Snapchat’s 100Million daily users. Creating a brand image that is engaging is probably THE most important thing in building an audience and Snapchat Ads is a medium that lets you do so seamlessly.

That’s not all, you can achieve the following objectives through Snap Ads too:
1. Drive In-Store Sales
2. Promote a new product
3. Promote a Mobile App
4. Increase Online Sales
5. Generate Leads
6. Promote your videos.

If you’re wondering how Call-To-Action works on Snapchat, all your target audience has to do is SWIPE UP and you can embed your link to a favourable landing page or destination. This platform also doesn’t fall far behind when it comes to Influencers. Use the exact same creatives that you have used for Facebook & Instagram, tag your influencer and watch your impression count soar!

Insights, Tracking & Analytics set up is also extensively available. So you don’t have to look at third party softwares to conduct extensive processes for your business.

Having said that, Snapchat is a super converting platform for the aforementioned industries but if your business falls under the purview of another, we’d suggest treading carefully!

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