Social Media Metrics that takeover your digital game!

In today’s day and age social media is the most influential platform for any of the brand and product decisions. Social media tracking is the most efficient and highly accurate method of measuring the performance of individual social media marketing activities. Tracking allows your firm to evaluate the success of each campaign and help analyse which are the most significant in driving leads. We have listed out some important metrics you need to look out for on the 3 most loved platforms! Here’s what you should focus on:


  1. Engagement – Engagement measures the number of times any audience took any kind of action on your post. These actions include comments, shares, clicks, or reactions. This is a valuable metric to measure how much your audience relates to your content. Learning the kinds of posts that audiences engage with will help you with valuable insights for your content strategy. Better engagement also helps your post reach many of your followers’ newsfeeds.
  2. Click through Rate (CTR) – Click-through rate (CTR) determines the percentage of people that have seen your ad and clicked through to your visit your landing page. A low CTR means people are seeing your ad, but aren’t taking action or going further than that. If your CTR is below average, try revising your content or audience and image to make it more relevant to your brand. Tracking this metric is crucial because it directly impacts your ad’s relevance score.


  1. Tweet Impressions – This metric is the number of times the tweet was shown, either on your followers’ timelines, as the result of a like, or in a search. This metric can help show how your content or campaign has been pushed out to audiences outside of your follower list.
  2. Cost per result (CPR) – Cost per result shows you how effective and optimised your Twitter marketing budget is. Cost per result only gives you a deep insight into your paid Twitter ads, since your organic reach is free. However, cost per result is a great metric for evaluating the quality of your Twitter paid ads. If your cost per result is a bit too high, it’s a sign that you may need to go back to your tactical metrics, redefine or tweak your strategy and refine the details of your ads.


  1. Trending or branded hashtags – It’s no secret that hashtags rule on Instagram! Posts with at least one hashtag gain approximately 12.6% more engagement than the ones without hashtags. They work similarly to keywords for search engine optimization. You should make a list of all the relevant hashtags that get the most engagement to post more relatable posts as much as possible. The hashtags with the most followers and popularity bring more engagement to your posts and account.
  2. Saves – Instagram saves are a signal for how the Instagram algorithm works. The more saves your posts get, the more people will see it in their explore or suggestions, according to the algorithm. That means, if you want to grow your account, focus your efforts on getting audiences to save your posts. Creating impactful content and tips that will lead your audiences to save your post, will rank your post higher than usual in the explore and suggested posts.

So, the next time you work on your strategy, keep these metrics in mind. Multiple social media metrics can be examined, each of them bringing you more insight about your target market, their relationship with your brand, and how and when they want to receive any piece of information from you. They are the tools that we can use to build meaningful and lasting relationships with customers.

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