The Role of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

It’s as simple as anything that is designed, is created with intention!
When it comes to digital marketing, the internet is flooded with images and videos trying to find the ideal audience to swipe or shop or sign up. Some ad creative stand apart and make you pause and take notice, while some you scroll past without a second glance. There are many factors involved in what you take notice of, such as great deals and discounts, amazing witty copy, a brilliant new product that the user has been looking for, or services that could add value or simplify the life of the users.

Creative graphic designs are that secret ingredient that brings all this together! Quality graphic design services are the key factor in making sure that the deals and discounts are highlighted without being too aggressive and jarring. That amazing copy that took the marketing team and copywriters hours to decide upon, is carefully placed using elegant typography to create the right impact with the ad. That brilliant new product is brought to life and placed at the perfect angle to create the right impact. All this is done after an intensive study of the market and testing of audiences, and their preferences in terms of colour, tone of voice, and imagery. Good design and digital marketing go hand in hand, every design element creates an impact on the audience, and triggers desired response.

Brand Recognition

Branding is a vital component of digital marketing. Branding is more than just a logo, colors, and fonts. It is a very powerful tool used to communicate the overarching philosophy of any company. Good branding communicates the mood, motivation, and ideology of a company. This takes a whole lot of thought and strategy on the part of the brand’s stakeholders. When companies invest in digital marketing, this branding has to be carried forward in all communications. Graphic Design, helps brands maintain their overall brand language and style, creates instant brand recall and helps companies grow to broaden their horizons.

Ideally, a thoughtful, relevant, and informative social media post or ad goes viral! A large audience views this content, and an opportunity is created for the brand’s logo, messaging, and other design elements to be noticed and create brand recognition.

Content Consumption

We live in a world where attention is tough to capture. Award-winning graphics and show-stopping visuals are key to making customers stop and pay attention to the actual message and interact with it positively. The value of sparking joy in audiences and getting conversions through visual messaging is key.

It is an undeniable fact that audiences’ attention spans are declining and visually oriented advertisements are undeniably more impactful than only text-based content. The sweet spot is the perfect combination of text, imagery, and graphics. For instance, a well-designed landing page or website has to include a hero image to captivate audiences, only text won’t do. It is easier to tempt viewers with eye-catching graphics and good content. Only relevant information should be displayed, in a manner that is easy to digest, complex ideas and theories need to be simplified with the use of imagery and graphics. The use of smartly placed CTA (call to action) prompts, makes it easy for users to navigate and take the desired action.

Another important tool in a marketer’s arsenal is the ability to evolve and customize as per changing times and requirements of the brands and situations. The strategic use of graphic design makes the task of customization much smoother and allows brands to scale, without compromising their brand language or brand recall. It allows for customisation and personalisation of all communication.

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