Tips to create content that won’t get lost in the clutter!

Your digital content is key when it comes to your social media brand promotion. The brand’s social media content marketing strategy can earn the customer’s loyalty as it speaks to them directly; it is considered to be the representation of the brand. Content creation for social media sometimes can be tricky as it depends on a lot of factors. Here are a few tips to keep you ahead of the game and make your content marketing strategy effective;

1. Platform – Platforms play a major role in your content and brand. For instance, Instagram will depend more on appealing/aesthetic visuals, Facebook would be depended more on written + appealing visuals. The same goes for Twitter, since it has a certain number of characters, you have to create content that is short and straightforward.

2. The tone of voice – Your content should be in line with your brand’s tone of voice. For instance, hotels follow a very sophisticated tone of voice, fast food chains have an informal/fun tone of voice, and some fashion brands follow a fun but poise tone of voice most times. The tone of voice is what shapes the identity of the brand, so make sure to keep it as it is.

3. Audience – When you think about your audience, there are many things to keep in mind, such as, who they are, their behaviour, their preferences, and traits. Your content is key and it will sell only if it’s the most relatable to them. Try to build a healthy rapport and a bond with your target market to gain their trust. Your content should be able to develop a personal connection with them and communicate with them as individuals.

4. Be creative – Creating content focuses on designing the idea along with aligning caption/copy for further impact. Think outside the box and have fun. Your content needs to be such that the consumers and target market, relate to it and register it. When they remember the content, you are successful in creating a productive idea.

5. Engaging posts & UGC – Posts that engage with your consumers, help attract more customers to your brand. Engaging content lets you communicate with your audience. User-generated content (UGC) makes them feel involved with the brand. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, if your favourite brand reposted what you said about them, you will feel more loyal to it.

6. Keep up with trends – Keeping up with the trends and generating content based on these trends is a plus. On social media platforms, every week there is a new trend. But you should not jump on the bandwagon if it is not going to relate to the attributes of your brand. You should keep tabs on what the brands are doing and what is working with the consumers, accordingly applying what suits your brand the best.

Creating content is the most crucial thing contributing to the brand persona and building a healthy relationship with your consumers. Make sure you keep these few points in mind while creating your pieces of content so that it works better for your brand and consumers.

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