Trends, Awareness Months and Holiday Posts…

Practically every day of the calendar year there’s a holiday to celebrate, whether it’s World Health Day, Christmas Day, or World Coffee day. Social media has become an extremely expressive tool for brands when these holidays are around. The majority of the brands want to create content for their users revolving around the ongoing holiday and try hard to connect it to their brand even when it may not. Some calendar holidays are the most apt for your brand while others are quite the opposite, you never know what may spark inspiration and culminate in a fun, original post! For example, a spa might want to post or blog about the mental and physical health benefits of massage on Relaxation Day.

With growing activities on digital platforms, the audience has been extremely woke about every rising topic and vocal about these topics that brands monetize on the awareness months now more than before. Each month has specific causes for awareness—find one that relates to your business or industry and create a post about it. For example, dentists can post about kids’ flossing tips for Children’s Dental Health Month in February, while hospitals can talk about breast cancer awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness month and can write about the importance of treatment or regular diagnosis for the same. But most pages try to do their best to talk about these causes even when their brand does not relate to them and it has always been a debate whether or not brands should discuss things that are not even remotely related to them!

Trends are the next big thing in social media marketing and brands find a strong urge to adapt to them. The reason why most brands jump on the bandwagon is because of the increasing reach and impressions that may impact their brand positively. However, some brands try so hard to jump on the trends and it may end up looking like the most bizarre thing, not suiting the brand language or their social media marketing strategy and their primary messaging.

Strategizing distinctive blog content can be as simple as following these tips, however, its implications are significant for any business. The consistent provision of a variety of content will solidify your expertise in your industry, differentiating your business from its competitors and appealing to a wide range of customers—all while writing about what you know best!

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