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Website as consumer decision-making factor!

Research shows websites influence 97% of consumers’ purchasing decisions. Your website acts to be the most powerful tool in your marketing kit. Not only is it the place prospects and audiences go to learn more about your brand and the services, but it has a huge impact on their ultimate buying decision.

The influence of professional service websites on buying decisions has increased significantly over the past few years. It’s clear that all brands and firms must take advantage of this marketing tool. With an appealing website they can:

  • Establish their goodwill and professionalism: through a distinct design, writing, and developing of a tone of voice.
  • Establish that they are worthy of consideration: through an overview of their client list, services, information of their professionals, and case studies that show how they helped clients and delivered their objectives.
  • Establish themselves as a legitimate authority: blog posts, publications, videos, and other resources help build credibility, reliability, and trust-all essential elements necessary to attract and sustain clients.

Recent empirical data on online shopping suggests that consumers have the potential to make better quality decisions while shopping on the web. Using appealing imagery and wordplay is a great way to attract attention to your brand and company as a whole.

The pandemic shutdowns forced people to stay inside their homes, leading to an increase in online shopping. Even with restrictions being eased that trend is likely to sustain. Companies need to meet consumers where they are, and now more than ever, that’s online. That means launching an intuitive e-commerce site that offers a positive customer experience. When developing strategies to influence customer behaviour, brainstorm ways to influence consumers both in person and online.

Creating a user-friendly and persuasive landing page design that leads to conversion. Make designs and content tweaks that relate to your audience immediately. These proven practices increase conversions for your brand’s landing pages and websites. A good design should be accompanied by complementing imagery. Having to understand the consumer behaviour on the brand’s website and create content for a website that is user-friendly, in an aesthetically pleasing layout and colours is significant in today’s day and age. Using the correct legible fonts and sizes, and pages that reflect a brand’s complete information and ensure a user-friendly experience is crucial during building a website. Appearance and design are the utmost vital elements whether you’re designing a website or developing content on a web page.

Working towards an interface that urges the clients to stay on the site for a longer duration than usual and then leading them to purchase is essential for website development. This means avoiding rage clicks and reducing bounce rates. Also, conducting website audits to see where it can be optimised for better results. It’s time you invest in a website development company to give you a fully optimised website for your company.

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