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Post 2020, the industry has seen a big boom in online sales and activities. Tech Bay Leaf specialises in pushing traffic from social media platforms to Amazon leads to the generation of sales. Our Amazon PPC campaigns include sponsored brands, sponsored displays and sponsored product campaigns all with the objective of conversion.

Driving customers to your product page isn’t enough. We enable you to impress them to increase conversions. Tech Bay Leaf helps you design your Amazon listing optimization, Amazon SEO, Amazon ads manager, and Amazon storefront, highlighting the diverse categories that promote small and medium businesses. We maximize your potential via Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and curate product pages with explicit information and details that include appealing images to expand your sales.

Amazon can help your brand progress exponentially. From identifying new macro trends on Amazon, optimizing listing and product pages, Amazon ads campaign, Amazon PPC services, Amazon PPC management, Amazon PPC optimization, Amazon branding and keyword research to requesting reviews, we come prepared with a concrete Amazon marketing strategy that goes a long way! Your presence on Amazon goes beyond sales; It’s about building your brand’s position in the market with a well-rounded approach, and Tech Bay Leaf as your Amazon Marketing agency does just that!

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