Email marketing

Utilising the database of emails in the most optimised manner with email marketing. Sending an email with a visually appealing design and communicating new offers, launches, or mere recall value for the brand simultaneously persuading the consumers to make a purchase.

Tech Bay Leaf uses email marketing as a growth strategy for our clients. We work with a well-rounded approach to ensure you’re able to leverage the strengths of the brand, innovate, and continue to grow. Our expertise and knowledge as an email marketing agency are sure to help you discover new ways of expanding your business.

We focus on delivering successful email marketing campaigns on the behalf of the brand – campaigns that help drive traffic, and sales, engage prospects and retain customers. Tech Bay Leaf not only helps you execute email marketing services but also provides strategic recommendations and brings innovation to your email marketing to make it a revenue-generating medium.

Tech Bay Leaf strives to develop and create campaigns that always open multiple ways to engage your target market. Our team is very hands-on and works with you to develop, expand and improve your email channel through specialised targeting, personalization and segmentation. We understand the various privacy laws, most advanced technologies, latest email marketing trends, and our proven methods to build scalable email campaigns, including the whole of strategy, reporting & analytics.

Tech Bay Leaf’s email marketing strategy includes collaborating with the brand to understand the project scope, come up with an email strategy, define requirements along with deliverables and anticipate outcomes.

Email Marketing essentials we cover!

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