Media Buying

Media planning and buying involve a dedicated team that identifies and purchases online space on the relevant websites based on specific requirements to choose the correct target audience.

Digital media buying is here to stay! Tech Bay Leaf helps brands place ads where their potential customers see them. Our digital media buying strategies take into account copywriting, design, targeting and budget planning. Work with our expert media buying professionals to find that perfect digital fit for your exposure.

As your media buying and media planning partners, we see to it that your customized plan aligns with all KPIs, and timing requirements while optimising the budget. We’re capable to assist you with the design, content, and delivery of your media plan. We try our best to aggregate media options at lower costs than going direct to your publishing houses. We work towards a media buying plan that will align with all of your growth objectives.

A full-proof digital media strategy is a mix of creative concepts, timing, network, and placement. Our digital media buying programs include design, research, campaign optimization and buying media across suitable digital media networks.

The Media Buying Process
A sneak peek into the Media Buying process.

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