Tech Bay Leaf does programmatic advertising, which is the most advanced, real-time, software-based automated buying and selling of online display advertising space with online bidding (RTB).

Tech Bay Leaf looks after the development and execution of market strategies for Programmatic services, including developing roadmaps, test plans, and risk/benefit analysis. 

Creative A/B testing and sharing campaign insights with the creative team. Planning, execution, optimisation and scaling of brand awareness, performance and App install campaigns across all platforms. Analyzing historical performance data to identify opportunities to improve campaign performance and maximize ROAS.

With our working knowledge of Google Analytics Setup, Optimization & Integrations we are sure to be efficient with your campaigns. Successful programmatic media campaigns require a deep understanding of the target audience, this study is conducted by our team on a regular basis until the audience is thoroughly known. 

Programmatic Media Landscape
Programmatic Media Landscape

The personas are studied through demographic and psychographic insights, location data, shopping behaviours, and digital fingerprints including device ID, cookies, social sharing, brand affinity, purchase history, and campaign data. Utilizing audience personas to build campaign strategies allows us to drive highly qualified traffic to digital platforms through programmatic marketing. By using geo-targeting, we are further able to deliver ads to a brand’s target customer who is in the local vicinity.

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