Reporting, Analytics & BI

Monitoring the analytics and insights of the brand regularly. This is done on necessary platforms, to evaluate and revise strategies as and when needed with the objective of awareness and conversion.

The importance of measuring and tracking cross-channel touch points cannot be emphasized enough. It allows us to maximize digital marketing investments, drive planning, and support content across devices. Our goal is to report on your brand as a whole and user interactions. We break them down by metrics and then study the data for the marketing strategies and decisions in the near future. Our reporting involves:

  • Campaign analysis​
  • Content consumption​
  • Multi-step conversion or e-commerce tracking​
  • Offline/online analysis​
  • Internal data analysis and marketing integrations
Reporting, Analytics & BI
Why should you invest in business intelligence?

Tech Bay Leaf closely monitors the success of all client campaigns by creating multiple metrics dashboards and reports. With several highly customizable dashboards, you can easily apply your clients’ corporate branding and identity to any given report for data analysis. We are proactive through data and try to bring sustainable solutions to brand issues, sometimes even before they arise.

We make bi-monthly decks that track your brand’s performance be it on social media platforms for digital marketing or the paid campaigns conducted on the internet. This report gives us and the brand a deeper business insight into what is working in the favour of our audiences and what changes need to be made going forward even in terms of website traffic analysis or google analytics for the website.

Tech Bay Leaf also gives refined data analysis through customized dashboard setups, segmentation and automated alerts to help the brand focus more on business objectives. Measuring conversion rates and ROI for all the digital campaigns through a unified google analytics platform. Turning the gathered data insights into your decision supporting factors. We define success and measure performance with several google analytics for websites, and advanced analytics tracking and configuration, including Google Analytics, Google 360 suite, competitor analysis, website traffic analysis and Adobe Analytics. Our analytics consulting services assist you in transforming your marketing activities, hence optimizing success on the digital platforms.

Continually optimizing marketing performance and staying on top of campaigns, against defined targets, industry benchmarks and budgets.

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